Factors to think about when Installing a Fence

Fences are an integral part of the American landscape. One of the most enduring images of Americana is the white picket fence being painted by Tom Sawyer.

A fence can offer many benefits, including providing security, increasing privacy, improving the appearance and value of the property, and many more. If you are considering fence installation columbus ohio, you should keep these factors in mind when selecting the fence that is right for you.

Purpose of the Fence

Not surprisingly, perhaps the most important question to ask is what purpose the fence will serve. Is it to increase security, to add aesthetic appeal, to increase privacy by blocking prying eyes, to dampen surrounding noise, or to be strictly utilitarian in nature by delineating a property line? Fencing can serve more than one purpose, of course, but the logical first step is to decide what function(s) the fence will fulfill.

Fencing Material

Fences are made from a number of different materials nowadays. Besides the classic wooden fence, other materials include vinyl, chain link, and ornamental metal fences. Of course, you are not limited to selecting just one material as it is possible to link up different types of fencing on the same parcel, such as wooden fencing placed at the front of the property with chain link surrounding the other three sides.

Research Local Laws

There could be local laws (e.g., city ordinances, zoning regulations, etc.) governing the installation of a fence on your property depending on where it is located. These laws can cover a variety of issues, including height, set back requirements, and the need for a building permit among other things. If you work with a fencing company, these professionals should be helpful in identifying any applicable laws and regulations.

It is helpful to consider these basic factors before you install a fence. Doing so should help you in arriving at a finished fence that meets all of your requirements.