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Dubai Desert Safari Tours: Your Next Travel Destination

There are a lot of place for you to visit in Dubai. You can see a lot of beautiful buildings in Dubai with their exceptional architecture. But if you want something new for your trip, you can always go for an exciting desert safari tour.

Safari tours are popular in Africa and the Amazon but do you know that you can also go on a safari tour in Dubai? Today, when many international tourists who have come to Dubai are asked what are the top places to visit in the city, most of them will surely say desert safari tour.

There are actually a lot to see and do in Dubai and as a matter of fact, there are actually rare species of animals that you can see nthe deserts that you will never encounter in other places in the world. Most people are pretty sure that Dubai has camels but little did they know that there are actually a lot of other wildlife species in Dubai. There are also desert plants for you to feast you eyes on as they stand out from the vast areas of sand and dunes.

One of the famous regions in Dubai is the Jebel Ali Region which is a home to famous deer like creatures called the Arabian Gaselle which are graceful rare animals. If you are lucky enough to come across these beautiful animals in herds, don’t forget to take a snap of them because there are so shy that they are not actually a common sight in most areas. However, there are also zoos that have rescued gazelles for you to visit in case you miss seeing one in your desert safari tour.

The Hyenas, Arabian leopards, Ibex, white orynx and the very rare Gordon’s wildcat are some of the other wildlife you can encounter if you are lucky enough in your Safari tour. The common animals you can see in the nearer areas of the deserts include camels, goats, falcons and donkeys but if you go further to the middle of the deserts, you can really find some rare animals that you never thought would exist in a desert. However, if you go on a desert safari tour, you can come across these rare animals along your way.

Most tourists these days are even brave enough to stay at night for a camping in the middle of the desert. While it can be scary for some, there is really nothing for you to fear about because there are also certain safety measures that are followed in order to secure your safety.

But you can always go on a desert safari tour any time of the day and experience traveling along the vast areas of sand and rare desert animals. If you want to know more about Dubai desert safari tours, click here for more information now!

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