Are Your Home Drains or Septic System Components Slow or Clogged?

A home’s septic system can become clogged or inefficient over time. It is important to adhere to a regular inspection and maintenance schedule to avoid serious situations that can become harder to fix if not caught in the earlier stages. Are your home drains acting sluggish, or is waste backing back up or a bad odor noted? Your septic system components could be broken, clogged or otherwise deteriorated. Any of these scenarios should be quickly inspected by a qualified septic service professional to remedy the problem before more extensive repairs, replacement parts and other costly results are necessary.

Many homeowners do not give their plumbing and/or septic systems any thought until a major problem occurs that finally gets their undivided attention. Unfortunately, there were likely many signs and symptoms beforehand that the homeowner could have caught much earlier to avoid further damage and repair costs. Some common signs of a major plumbing or septic system issue includes toilets that don’t flush properly, waste backing up into drains or back inside the toilet, low water pressure, strange strong smells that are typically noticed in the bathroom, spongy wet ground over a septic system drainage area outside the house and water and/or waste leakage under floors or behind walls.

The good news is that there are some reliable and effective septic service companies that offer expert drain cleaning huntington ny residents can contact for help with these kinds of matters. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away, and the health concerns that could result from this drain/septic issue should not be ignored as well. Raw sewage or water that has been inside of the sewer lines and septic drains is grossly contaminated and can cause severe health diseases like hepatitis which is a chronic disease of the liver that results in that organ’s dangerous inflammation. Untreated, this disease can lead to liver failure.

This is why health care officials and professional septic service specialists advise having your system inspected at least on a yearly basis. This simple task can save tons of money that will need to be used if the system breaks down completely necessitating costly replacement parts. If you or someone in your home has noticed any of these telling signs, take the time to make a quick call to a local septic service to learn about your options. It is hazardous for homeowners to attempt fixing this issue on their own.

Many homeowners make the mistake of dumping caustic drain cleaners down the toilets or other drains where a clog is suspected. These substances are toxic and can be extremely damaging to pipes and septic system components alike. Not to mention that it can also damage your toilets too. This will not resolve most septic problems, and the dangerous chemicals can linger in the air causing breathing difficulties, burning eyes and serious illness. These caustic substances can also splash back out of the drains severely injuring eyes or even causing blindness. Call a professional instead.