Pest and Rodent Control Solutions for Fall and Winter

The summer has faded away and the fall season is now upon us. This time of the year informs us that cold weather is on the way. When it gets cold outside many outdoor creatures prepare to go inside. They either secure themselves away inside of a specially built habitat or they go underground. Some creatures simply move southward to warmer climates. There are creatures that will make their way into a person’s home to get through the winter. This is exactly what many rodents and pests do when they are trying to escape the cold weather. The following information will explain how to avoid these bothersome organisms.

Cold Weather and Rodents

There are many different types of rodents. However, only three types will try to make your home their own dwelling place during the cold weather months. The three main types of rodents homeowners should be concerned about are mice, rats and opossums. Mice typically live outdoors when it is hot. Once the days grow cold they will go inside of human dwellings to find warmth and food. Rats are pretty much the same way.

Once the weather continuously remains cold, these creatures will go inside of a structure for warmth and food. Opossums are not as common as rats and mice, but they do have a tendency to shack up in a person’s home during the winter months. There are ways to get rid of these creatures and they will be discussed below.

How Outdoor Pests React to Cold Weather

The Smithsonian science website informs people about the reaction of insects and cold weather. Many insects either migrate, hibernate or enter a state of diapause (slowing of metabolic activity). While many bugs take one or more of these routes, there are a few bugs that will try to move in with you when it gets cold. Cockroaches prefer to live outdoors during the warm weather months but when it starts to get really cold they will mass migrate into homes and buildings.

Termites will burrow into houses just maintain heat and bedbugs will lie in wait for human blood during the cold winter. Various species of spiders can also be problematic during the cold weather months. Homeowners can use rodent control services temecula ca to get rid of pest problems in the fall.

Cold Weather Pest and Rodent Control Solutions that Work

NPMA guidelines for keeping pests and rodents out of the home include removing clutter, sealing up cracks, eliminating moisture such as standing bodies of water and keep trash under control within the home. The main thing to remember about pest and rodent control is to remove trash and clutter from your yard and home. Keep your living space clean as possible. This is the most important thing that a person can do to keep bugs and rodents out of their environment. Remember that many creatures like to feed and breed off garbage and in cluttered places. You should also seal up entry points into your place. Once you take these steps, keeping pests and rodents out of your during the cold should not be a problem.